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Osoyoos, An Oasis in The Desert.

Canada's only desert extends past Osoyoos Lake to Skaha Lake, and west up the Similkameen Valley towards Keremeos, approximately 24 km. (15 miles).
This area receives an average rainfall of less than 12 inches per year. The desert plants and animals of this area are found nowhere else in Canada.
The "Osoyoos Arid Biotic Zone" is a continuation of the Sonoran Desert that extends from Mexico right up to the Okanagan Valley. While irrigation has made Osoyoos a lush green oasis, it is interesting to note that the desert continues undisturbed where there is no water.

Always Talked About - Osoyoos Weather!
Osoyoos has a semi-arid climate with very hot, dry days in the summer and very mild days in the winter. Osoyoos Lake is the warmest fresh water lake in Canada, in winter it never completely freezes over.

Official all-time high temperature:
42.8 Celsius or 109.04 Fahrenheit
Recorded by Environment Canada July 27 1998
Official all-time low temperature:
- 20.9 Celsius or - 5.62 Fahrenheit
Recorded by Environment Canada February 2 1996

Official weather readings have only been taken in Osoyoos since 1990.

It Never Rains In Osoyoos!
The Osoyoos area receives over 2000 hours of sunshine annually and provides all the characteristics of a true desert (rocks, sand, cactus, sagebrush, soft rolling hills), along with early springs, long hot, dry summers and beautiful sunny autumns.

Daytime temperatures during the summer months average around 38C/100F and dropping to 16C/60F at night.
Osoyoos elevation is approx. 910 feet above sea level.

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Spring greets Osoyoos with orchards in full bloom. Blossoms of peach, apricot, cherry, plum, pear and apple trees spill over the valley hillsides in drifts of pink and white petals. The first orchards were planted in the early 1900's and it was soon discovered that the area could produce excellent fruit. Osoyoos harvests the earliest fruit and vegetables in all of British Columbia and Canada. Crops grown in the Osoyoos area are harvested 10 to 14 days earlier than the more northern growing areas of the Okanagan Valley. In a good year, ground crop farmers can get three excellent crops of vegetables grown, harvested and sent to market.

Osoyoos area fruit trees are in bloom from the end of March thru the 3rd week in April

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Wine Industry: While History tells us that grapes have been grown in the South Okanagan as far back as the late 1800's, it's only recently that the 100 miles of the Okanagan Valley have gained international attention, as a world-class wine production area. More than 3000 acres are currently under cultivation, producing premium grape varieties. More vineyards are being added each season. The arid climate, with sunny days and cold nights, is ideal for the wine industry, and today on Highway 97, south of Okanagan Falls, more than 20 picturesque wineries produce a wide variety of wines, and welcome you to their tasting rooms. The Annual Fall Okanagan Wine Festival presents more than 100 events for you to enjoy, including winery tours and sample tasting.

Osoyoos: (we pronounce it "oh-sue-use") is a native word meaning the narrowing of the Lake. These 'narrows' are visible from the bridge on Highway # 3 east, and from "The Spit" along East Lakeshore Drive (Campground Row).

Osoyoos Lake is Canada's warmest fresh water lake, with summer water temperatures reaching 75F (24C). In spring and fall, the lake provides excellent fishing for bass and rainbow trout.

The population of Osoyoos according to the 2009 census is just over 5000. The area population probably accounts for another 3000 - 4000 people.

Osoyoos is a full-service community, with Schools, Churches, and Recreation Facilities. Medical and dental needs are met locally, and the South Okanagan General Hospital is in Oliver, a short 12 miles / 20 km away.

Osoyoos Residents and visitors enjoy skiing on Mt. Baldy or at Apex. There's an international curling club, ice arena and bowling lanes. Golfers enjoy superb facilities from early spring right through until November. Osoyoos golf courses are among the first Valley courses to open in March and the last to close in November.

Osoyoos has gained recognition as a retirement community thanks to short winters and hot dry summers. The Senior Citizens have an energetic organization and offer a wide variety of activities in the Senior's Centre at the foot of Main Street.

Banks, Credit Unions, shops and services are all well represented in the community, and a walk along Main Street provides a wide variety of businesses to fill all your needs.

During the summer months, Osoyoos is a busy and very popular tourist destination, however throughout the rest of the year, residents enjoy all the benefits of small town life: slower pace, friendly neighbourhoods, and community events that invite your participation.

Osoyoos - Sunshine and Fine Wine!

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